AlbaChem® Eco Mist Adhesive

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AlbaChem Eco Mist is an all purpose pressure sensitive textile adhesive. Screen Printing: provides temporary bond on pallets while t-shirts, cut pieces, and other textiles are printed; Embroidery: holds appliques in place before stitching; Apparel Manufacturing: hold blotting paper in place while fabric is cut. Re-tack for cutting mats.

  • ‘‘Flashable’’ screen print pallet and embroidery adhesive
  • Great for cutting mats
  • Great for cutting rooms
  • Pressure sensitive. Will not transfer
  • Does not contain hexane

AlbaChem® Eco Mist Adhesive; Adhesivo enniebla

  • Adhesivo para paletas de serigrafía y bordados que se puede curar con secadorde flash
  • Maravilloso para placas de corte
  • Maravilloso para salas de corte
Item No. 1782
Size Net Wt. 12oz
Case Pack 12
Case Weight (lbs) 14